Signe Hasso



Place of birth:

Stockholm, Sweden:


Signe Hasso was a Swedish-born American actress, writer and composer.


Mirrors (1985)
as Madame Eugenia
Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)
as Fraulein Reichenbach
The Black Bird (1975)
as Dr. Crippen
The Magician (1973)
as Madame Parga
A Reflection of Fear (1973)
as Julia
Picture Mommy Dead (1966)
as Sister René
Die Sonne von St. Moritz (1954)
as Gerti Selle
Sånt händer inte här (1950)
as Vera Irmelin
Crisis (1950)
as Senora Isabel Farrago
Outside the Wall (1950)
as Celia Bentner
To the Ends of the Earth (1948)
as Ann Grant
A Double Life (1947)
as Brita
Where There's Life (1947)
as Gen. Katrina Grimovitch
A Scandal in Paris (1946)
as Therese De Pierremont
Strange Triangle (1946)
as Francine Huber aka Mathews
Johnny Angel (1945)
as Paulette Girard
The House on 92nd Street (1945)
as Elsa Gebhardt
Dangerous Partners (1945)
as Carola Ballister
The Seventh Cross (1944)
as Toni
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944)
as Bettina
Heaven Can Wait (1943)
as Yvette ("Mademoiselle")
Assignment in Brittany (1943)
as Elise
Den ljusnande framtid (1941)
as Birgit Norén
Vi tre (1940)
as Kristina Ahrengren
Stål (1940)
as Margit
Emelie Högqvist (1939)
as Emelie Högqvist
Vi två (1939)
as Kristina Ahrengren
Geld fällt vom Himmel (1938)
as Hannelore